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Counseling Practices in America that there is more to an individual than one's personality. (p.126)

As implied by the foregoing quote, there has always been a strong spiritual component to the transpersonal counseling approach, especially as that element relates to interpersonal relations and relationships. However, Adams (1996) reports that in the current decade, the spiritual element of transpersonal psychology is becoming stronger and is increasingly being examined from a research perspective. For example, in his own study, Adams examined the experience of the sacred using empirical research methods with a sample of two males and two females between 33 and 39 years of age. Subjects were from diverse cultures.

Methods involved conducting in-depth interviews and analyzing data using phenomenological methods. Based on findings, it was noted that the experience of the sacred, even across diverse cultures, contains certain common components including: revelation and awareness of an essential, and inter-permeating communion between self and world. In all cases, there was said to be a metamorphosis from an egoic to transpersonal self-sense and way of being.

One particularly interesting trend in contemporary transpersonal psychology has been its increasing connectedness with information technology. In this regard, Lukoff, Lu, Turner and Gackenbach (1995) report that transpersonal practioners and researchers are more and more often using the Internet in their research on religio


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