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Counseling Practices in United States

The counseling focus, accordingly, is on the here-and-now of feelings, thoughts, and behaviors. Past experiences or anticipated futures are brought into counseling only in relation to current feelings and perspectives.

One of the more current trends in counseling using gestalt strategies has been to examine the possibility of effectively using the gestalt approach in the care of people with HIV/AIDS. For example, Siemens (1993) discussed and evaluated a research project in which the gestalt approach was used in a support group for male homosexuals who were HIV seropositive.

Siemens' (1993) research utilized two experimental groups and one control group to compare the effectiveness of the psychotherapeutic models of stress-management and experiential-Gestalt with regard to psychosocial influences on the biomedical status of subjects. One of the central aims of the gestalt group-therapy approach was to have the subjects see the foreground as being the HIV-positiveness and the background as being the whole of life.

Findings observed for analyses conducted on data revealed that the gestalt program produced more positive effects of subjects' immune system (less decrease in T cells) than did the stress-management approach. However, for other measures such as measures of mood change, sense of well-being, and depression, the two approaches produced roughly the same effects. However, the immune system findings were said to be sufficient to recommend the gestalt approach over the stress-management approach.

Another current trend in gestalt counseling is that of its application as a brief therapy; this is an important application because one of the larger counseling trends in the 1990s has been that of using counseling in managed care delivery systems which demand an effective treatment that is of relatively brief duration. Harman (1995) discussed the inherent aspects of the gestalt approach as they apply to a brief therapy ap...

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