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Advantages and Disadvantages of Self-Publishing

Other costs can stem from administration, such as keeping track of orders, filling orders, and accounting. In The Publishing Game, author Fern Reiss (2002) reveals there are a number of options for every step in the book publishing process. With respect to costs, some of these options provide small book publishers with great savings in comparison to conventional alternatives. As Reiss (2001) explains, 'For example, in setting up a record-keeping system, the options range from $10,000 specialized database programs for mid-sized publishers to $100 for accounting programs for smaller publishers to buying a notebook and recording sales in a paper journal,' (300).

Distribution is another aspect of publishing that must be considered in any business plan. Distribution can be achieved over through shipping individual orders from one's home using an Express Mail service like FedEx or UPS, or distribution can occur through a major distributor like Ingram or Barnes & Noble. For small book publishers, getting distributed through a major distributor like Ingram is difficult as the company distributes more than 175 million books a year (Hupalo 2002). However, smaller subsidiaries of Ingram like Ingram Lightning Source provide an option for getting distribution by Ingram. Small publishers must exercise a great deal of caution in choosing a distributor. As Hupalo (2002) cautions, 'Many small publishers have experience a bankruptcy of their distributor. In some cases, hundreds of thousands of dollars in inventory and tends of thousands of dollars in accounts receivable, owed to the self-publisher, are at stake,' (157).

Estimates for publishing 125 high-quality books run from $500 to $1500 depending on the methods chosen to print and bind the books (Reiss 2002). There are numerous options for producing, selling, and distributing books via the Inter


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