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Butch Cassidy and Thelma and Louise

A key point in this film is that Butch and Sundance are the same both at the beginning and at the end of the movie. Although they try going straight in between, it does not work out for them, and they realize that they are not suited for anything else except the life of robbers. At the end of the movie, they seem unaware that they are surrounded by the Bolivian army as they try one last time to beat the odds. Having won every time before, it is likely that they had no idea that they were outnumbered this time. The movie freeze-frames as they emerge from the building, and multiple rounds of shots are heard as it is clear that they have met their death. Interestingly, they have found themselves in numerous tight spots earlier in the movie where it seemed that they would not survive. When they try to escape from pursuers that chase them to the edge of a cliff, they take a chance and jump into the water below and are washed downstream, surviving what at the time seems like an impossible jump. Thus, when they die at the end, it is after the viewer has been sitting on the edge of his seat for numerous close calls throughout the film and has begun to view the two men as nearly indestructible.

Thelma and Louise do share some traits with Butch and Sundance. Like the men, they are robbers pursued by the law. However, unlike them, Thelma and Louise are rank amateurs who happ


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