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Butch Cassidy and Thelma and Louise

Moreover, while Butch and Sundance face terrifying situations with aplomb, as when they must jump off the cliff and Sundance admits he cannot swim but Butch laughs and retorts, "Aw, the fall'll probably kill ya," Thelma and Louise face terrifying situations with a panic that causes them to make bad decisions and wrong moves (Hill). Thus, watching Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is a treat, while watching Thelma and Louise is at times uncomfortable and at other times a chore; it is never fun. Rather, it is dark, and even the humor is tinged with fear. This marked difference in tone delineates one of the major differences between the two films; Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid is entertainment, but Thelma and Louise is serious social commentary.

Contrasting the characters' growth in the two films, there is another marked difference. In Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid, Butch and Sundance pick up a few extra skills along the way, such as learning to speak Spanish, but they are essentially unchanged at the end. They are still robbers at heart, and there has been no epiphany that convinces them to take a new path and commit to it from that point on. Their abortive attempt to go straight is just a brief detour from their usual modus operandi, and nothing really changes in them. Thelma and Louise, however, undergo a conversion experience during their film. Unlike Butch and Sundance, Thelma and Louise have misery behind them that they want to escape-lives of abuse that are better left behind. The women want to emerge from what has hurt them in the past and find a new life with more positive results. As the movie progresses, they seem to evolve into different women, but it is not a beneficial evolution; it is more like a descent into a worse hell than the one they left behind. Still, having been liberated from the mundane lives they came out of, they do not want to resume them where they left off. At one point, The...

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