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Who is Jonathan Edwards?

The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy defines ethics as follows: "Ethics, also called moral philosophy, involves systematizing, defending, and recommending concepts of right and wrong behavior." ( Most of Jonathan's philosophical musings generally fall into the category of the meta-ethical. Edwards sought answers to philosophical questions while focusing on universal truths, the will of God, the role of reason in ethical judgments, and the meaning of ethical terms themselves.

Entering Yale University at the age of 12 was no small feat for that time period. Jonathan was as much a prodigy in the world of religious philosophy as Mozart was to music. Unfortunately, Mozart is more renowned because of his abilities than Edwards is. An example of Edwards' extraordinary philosophical skills may be seen in his essay entitled 'THE SOUL'. The work was eventually published by Serano Dwight who first published it as part of a larger collection in 1829. Edwards is estimated to have been 10 years old when he wrote it. Not only does it utilize a thought pattern far above his years, it exemplifies a finely tuned sense of humor.

I insist much upon my honnour and property I wd know wher I must Quit my dear head if a Superior Soul Comes in ye way but above all I am Consearned to know wt they do where a Bureing Place has bin filled 20 30 or 100 times if they are a top of one another ye uppermost will be so far of yt it Can take no Care of ye body I strongly susspect they must march of[f] every time there Comes anew Set I hope ther is some Good place provided for them but dupt [d(o)ubt] ye undergoing so much hard Ship & being deprived of ye body at Last will make them ill temper'd I Live it wth your phisicall Genus to determin whether some medesinall applications might not be proper in such Cases and subscrib your proselite when I can have solution of these maters.

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