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Who is Jonathan Edwards?

Jonathan matriculated at Yale University from the age of thirteen. By the time of his University entrance, he had already mastered Latin, Greek, and Hebrew. He graduated from Yale at seventeen. Shortly after he was born again.

Jonathan Edwards served as the pastor of the Northampton, Massachusetts congregation from 1726 TO 1750. At the time, Northampton was the single largest and most influential church body outside of Boston. He received the pastorate from his grandfather, the infamous revivalist pastor Solomon Stoddard. He had assisted him as a pastoral assistant upon exiting Yale University and when his grandfather died, inherited his pulpit.

Edwards served as pastor in the Massachusetts area during the period of the 'Great Awakening'. The 'Great Awakening' was a period in American history when a tremendous spiritual revival and awakening began. This 'Awakening' arrived under the preaching influence of early American pastors like George Whitefield and William Tennant. The 'Awakening' revival continued during the decade from 1734-1744. It was characterized by mass conversions. It is estimated that during this decade the church in New England alone added approximately fifty thousand converts to their congregations.

Jonathan Edwards is best known for a single sermon he preached entitled, 'Sinners In The Hands Of An Angry God'. Accounts from the night it was given relate that during the sermon, 'strong men fell as though shot and women beca


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