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Further, their lack of political and economic clout tends to bar negotiators from those small group discussions that ultimately set WTO agendas.

While the policies resulting from the decisions of the WTO in its dispute-resolution process have actually been skewed against restrictions on trade, the particular economic interests of developing nations continue to get lost in the fray amid the heavier WTO hitters.

For many countries, the one million dollar price tag necessary to finance even a bare bones representation in Geneva would take a significant bite out of their public coffers. While expansion of the free market has increased world wealth overall, the privilege to play in that market still comes at a price few developing countries can afford.

Advertorials -- or advertisements designed to look like newspaper or magazine articles -- are an ever-growing hybrid that blur the lines between editorials and paid advertising. For advertisers, the haze left in the wake of this intentional line-crossing is a bonus, since readers are apt to mistake an advertorial for objectively-reported news -- or worse.

Often, advertorials take on the character of the publication's own views on a product or issue. Hence, an advertorial can create the appearance that editorial and advertising policy effectively work toward excluding those views with which the publication's editorial staff disagrees. Critics claim that, ultimately, a publication's editorial views will st


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