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Impact of Television in Community

We have been able to experience the news first hand to a much greater degree than ever before. We have not merely heard about what has taken place but have been able to see the events of our history as they unfold before us. Television has, for instance, brought us a more direct experience than even radio could do of our national political conventions, and it is certain that the fact that we can see our politicians in action has changed how we think of them and what we expect of them. Many would see this as a negative, of course, but having more knowledge of how our leaders act and what they believe cannot be a negative in a democracy. If we do not like what we discover about our leaders, we can replace them with better people.

Television has been criticized for not offering sufficient depth in its news analysis, but it is clear that television has become the major source of news and has brought information to millions of people who may not have had access to this much information in the past. I watch as well, but I also know better than to rely on television alone--or the radio, or one local paper, or any single source--for all my news.


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