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Psychological Perspective of Sadism

Another behavior or characteristic of some intimate relationships that has been connected to sadomasochistic urges and tendencies is extreme to pathological jealousy. Discussing the etiological considerations attendant to this claim, Coen (1987) states that extreme/pathological jealousy is a substitute for and defence against full, loving and sexual, intimacy with a single, live person. The reason that one suffers the pain of jealousy is said to be related to issues of denial, mistrust and guilt associated with inadequately loving parental relationships. Such relationships are said to have led to a need to defend against the dangers of passive needs of another person different from oneself, as well as of aggressive destruction.

A different etiological view of masochistic personality problems has been offered by Glickauf-Hughes (1997) who states that, at least in some instances, masochistic characters and characteristics may develop from different role assignments in the same family (i.e., families with masochistic dynamics). It is hypothesized that the child who later becomes masochistic has had these urges and tendencies projected onto her by the mother.

However, the role assignment relationship does not operate by itself. Rather, Glickauf-Hughes (1997) reports that, in a review of data collected from masochistic patients, it was found that the degree to which sadomasochistic urges and impulses arise out of the role-assignment relationship can vary strongly as a function of several sociodemographic variables. These variables are said to include: birth order, temperament, gender, resemblance to grandparents or significant objects in parents' life, and/or innate talents, gifts, and differences. It is, however, noted that a limitation is associated with these etiological claims in that derived conclusions about family members (e.g., mothers and siblings) are based on patient reports and not direct observation. Longitudinal stu...

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