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Immigration Situation in U.S.

This dichotomy is a central issue that must be dealt with in any immigration reform proposal. There are two plausible explanations that could explain this dichotomy. The first is that the increased enforcement at the border has led aliens to stay longer when they enter or even settle permanently in the United States. If this is in fact the case, then our enforcement focus has succeeded in bottling up unauthorized aliens within the United States rather than strictly deterring them from entering. The second plausible explanation is that migrants and the smuggling networks that bring them into the country have become more adept at evading detection (Cornelius).

These facts are crucial to the current debate over immigration policy, which has revealed a fundamental gap between those who believe that we need to enhance immigration enforcement and those who believe we need to create legal avenues for people to come into the country and work. In 2004, President Bush "declared that the United States' immigration system was 'broken' and proposed that a system of 'matching willing workers with willing employers' be the cornerstone for reform" (Jachimowicz). Bush's proposal would include both workers already in the country illegally as well as applicants from abroad. This proposal has generated outrage from both the pro and anti immigration camps. The anti-immigration camp is comprised of both ideological conservatives and people who believe that illegal immigrants are criminals. This camp, including the Republican leaders in the House of Representatives, has declared that any temporary worker program would essentially be a back-door amnesty: "Despite Bush's backing, House leaders have dismissed such programs as disguised amnesty" (Lochlead). They believe that people would enter the country to work temporarily but that they would end up staying here permanently. They criticize the President for claiming he opposes amnesty, sinc...

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