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Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler wrote Mein Kampf between

This provided him with one more argument, saying that the Jews sought to upend the "natural" order established by the Creator.

Hitler attempts to establish the background of the National Socialist political philosophy by reviewing previous conceptions of the "state." Although never formally educated in political philosophy or college-level history, Hitler decided that he had learned enough through practical experience to formulate a political philosophy of his own which addressed the "failings" of the other conceptions. In order to establish the superiority of National Socialism, he first lists the three accepted conceptions of state as "false." The first listed conception is that of the state as a voluntary grouping of people under governmental power (387). This cryptic reference to a common sense notion reflects Hitler's difficulty in adequately discussing political philosophy. He never explains where this conception originated, probably never having read Hobbes or Locke. He also fails to discuss any of the attributes of this conception, such as why it is widely accepted as a basis for government; he simply attacks it as justifying the mindless worship of state authority (387).

The next conception sees the state as not only an authority but also as the protector of its subjects' welfare. He says that this is the notion upon which modern liberal democracy is based, justifying


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