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Mein Kampf Adolf Hitler

The purpose of the state, therefore, is to preserve the race which is capable of creating this high level of culture (391-93). Consequently, a state is evaluated neither by its level of culture nor by its power in the outside world; rather, it is evaluated exclusively by the degree of its virtue for the nationality involved in each particular case. In other words, a state can only be evaluated on the degree to which it preserves the race which created it, for only through its preservation can a race attain its highest possible cultural level (394).

Hitler notes that a state cannot be evaluated by the level of its culture because the level of culture which is attainable by each particular race is different from any other. Certain races are capable of attaining higher levels of culture than others, with the Aryan race capable of achieving the highest level (290). Thus, while certain states may already have attained a high cultural level, they are bad states because they have allowed their races to become tainted with foreign blood. Such states have virtually "doomed" their races (395). A race such as the Japanese may not be capable of attaining as high a level of culture as the Aryan, but the state of Japan has preserved its race, allowing it to achieve its highest possible cultural level. While Germany has allowed some tainting, there is a segment of Germans who have not been tainted and remain pure; Hitler says that they are Germany's last hope (397).

Hitler allows his fascination with Darwin's theories on natural selection and the popular "science" of breeding to control his ideas of culture and race. He refers to the elimination of the weak in nature as the necessary principle in race and culture as well. He also states that, in nature, the healthiest mate with each other in order to preserve the strength of the species; mating between the healthier and the weaker elements ultimately results in weak offspring which do not survive...

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