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Effects of Broken Family to the Children

In this regard, Sherman (1983) conducted a comprehensive review of the early literature on the psychosocial correlates of adolescent substance abuse. He concluded that:

The majority of research studies supported the traditional view of the adolescent substance abuser as rebellious, lacking in self-esteem, having a low sense of psychological well-being, poor academic performance, low religiosity, a broken family, anxiety, alienation, and maladjustment. (p. 134)

This section of the presented review of the literature indicated that there is a clear and direct correlation between adolescent substance abuse and parental divorce with the likelihood being that parental divorce is, at least to some extent, a causative factor in both use and abuse of drugs and alcohol among teens. The next question that needs to be asked regarding these findings is: What are the types and kinds of treatment being given to these youngsters and how effective are these interventions? In an effort to answer this question, the next section of the presented review examines studies related to the treatment of adolescent substance abusers from divorced families.

The treatments that have been implemented with adolescent substance abusers are varied. According to Jenson, Howard and Jaffe (1995), the most common of these are: social skills training, family therapy, case management systems, most of which utilize posttreatment support groups to maintain abstinence from substance use.

Weidman (1985) has made the point that if the substance abuse is at least in part related to parental divorce, the intervention most likely to help these adolescents is going to be some form of family therapy. As to the efficacy of family therapy for adolescent substance abuse, Schumacher, Dutchowski and Algarin (1993) report that success varies depending upon a variety of structural factors used in program design. For example, success will be facilitated or impaired dependi...

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