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Adolescents from Divorced Families & Drug Abuse

The psychological adjustment and substance use/abuse behavior of adolescents following parental divorced was also examined by Doherty and Needle (1991). Subjects were adolescents who were administered self-report measures of psychological adjustment and substance use over a five-year period. During the period of data collection, 48 adolescents experienced the disruption of their parents' marriage.

Because of the longitudinal nature of the study, data were available at an average of 12 months before the separation and five months after the divorce. The control group consisted of the 578 adolescents in the original sample whose parents remained continuously married. According to Doherty and Needle, the most important finding of the study was a striking gender difference in the timing of the effects of divorce, with boys demonstrating ill effects (including substance use/abuse) after the divorce but not prior to the separation, and girls tending to use/abuse substances prior to the separation but the problems not becoming worse after the divorce.

Fifty-eight consecutive suicides committed between 1984 and 1987 by adolescents and young adults (age 1529 years) from an urban community were the subject of retrospective investigations conducted by Runeson (1990).


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