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Hotel Industry in Los Angeles Area

A Survey of Contemporary Hotel Industry Operations

Occupancy rates in the hotel industry have been flattening in recent years. Occupancy rates in the mid-60 percent range are projected throughout the first-half of the 1990s, in comparison with occupancy rates above 70 percent throughout the decade of the 1980s (Sharav, 1993, pp. 1772-1773). Further, many existing units are old, and in so-so or worse condition. Many are in locations that are now declining. There are also wide variations among travelers in terms of what sort of facilities and amenities they really want, and how much they are willing to pay for them. Thus, the market conditions will likely be good for the efficient and alert lodging operator; however, these same conditions could prove to be disastrous for others. These conditions apply both nationally and in the Los Angeles area. For the lodging industry as a whole, a major problem to be solved is the stimulation of the use of unused capacity. This factor was a major consideration in the decision by the hotel industry to adopt the yield management concept (Salomon, 1990, pp. 85, 87-88). While this problem is more serious for the marginal operator, it is an issue of concern to all operators. The development of a market


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