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Perseverance and Achievement

Luckily for the rest of the world, Disney's perseverance enabled him to realize his dreams and still give many of us our own dreams realized today when we visit Disneyland.

Thomas Edison is seen as a genius inventor who succeeded in coming up with miraculous inventions from the electric light-bulb to modern cinema. However, Edison failed many more times than he succeeded. The difference is that he always persevered. Edison once maintained that failing 1,000 times was not failure but merely showed him 1,000 ways that were "not right" (Stross 184). By seeing failure as a stepping stone to future success, Edison had the perseverance that enabled him to attain his goals, coming up with amazing achievements based on never giving up when he failed.

The history books are filled with individuals whose perseverance inspires us all and led to the achievement of their dreams or goals. Nelson Mandela was jailed for decades but ultimately became a free man responsible for ending Apartheid in South Africa. Having just celebrated Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday, we see how his perseverance against massive odds led to our current president being a black man, a reflection of the "dream" had by King. Others like baseball great Hank Aaron also knew that perseverance was achievement in disguise, because perseverance takes time and must be exhibited during difficult


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