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History of Lucasfilm

is to provide the highest quality film and video entertainment using innovation and technology to provide state of the art sound and digital entertainment for consumers.

The corporate culture at Skywalker Ranch is driven by its enigmatic founder. Technology drives the organization and the culture at Skywalker Ranch. Innovation, creativity, and energy flow from 58-year-old George Lucas, a single father of three. Lucas' Skywalker Ranch is devoted to family values and considerations in its structure. A utopia nestled in Marin County hundreds of miles from Hollywood; Skywalker Ranch boasts family-friendly policies like on-site day-care and educational programs for employees' children. As Lucas maintains about such policies, 'My little fetish is that mothers and teachers are the unsung heroes of our society' (Armbruster 1999, 360). As far as management goes, Lucas is not fond of delegating. Lucas admits, 'I approve every single thing about a movie for 20 years I didn't delegate anything' (Armbruster 1999, 361). The corporate culture is more like a fraternity. Lucas has called the Skywalker Ranch that cost more than $87 million to build 'a big fraternity' and Hoover's Online reports that the voluntary turnover rate for Lucasfilm Ltd. is 3% (Armbruster 1999, 360). The corporate culture also provides a host of perks for employees including state of the art safety and security measures, extensive training and development programs, annual company awards, a company store, a credit union, employee discounts, and educational assistance programs.

The Ranch also provides fitness programs at its two fitness centers, annual events like a July 4th picnic, a Halloween Part, a Winter Party, and Turkeys for all 1800 employees. There are plenty of trails and roads for hiking and biking on the Ranch and an observatory for stargazing. Employees also enjoy advanced screening for themselves and their families of upcoming Lucasfilm Ltd. relea...

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