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U.S. Military Stance in Europe

(1:348) Furthermore, the Persian Gulf War provided a demonstration of the lack of defensive unity among the European nations. Although Great Britain quickly supported the United States in the matter, nations such as Germany and France were somewhat hesitant in joining the battle. (6:398) This situation prompted D. B. Walker, in an article in the journal Current History, to claim: "With Europe, the pivotal questions of common defense and foreign policies will not be answered in the near future, given the wide-ranging responses to the Gulf War and its aftermath." (12:373) The example of the Gulf War does not give proof of what might happen in the future under a unified Europe. Nevertheless, it provides an indication that the policy differences between the various European nations are deeply ingrained and that they tend to emerge easily in a crisis.

There are other changes currently taking place in Europe which are related to the issue of international unity. For example, although the United States will continue to act as a leader in global military defense, European unity will also change the way in which coalition efforts are handled in the future. In recent years, NATO, the traditional organization for mutual Western defense, has subsided in importance. This change has been accompanied by the rise of the Conference on Security and Cooperation in Europe (CSCE). (4:34) Because NATO was designed to serve the security needs of the Western nations, it neglects the needs of the Eastern bloc nations. By contrast, the CSCE will play an important role in future security issues because it is the only defense organization at this time that bonds the nations of both West and East Europe with the United States. (5:39) Furthermore, the functioning of the CSCE shows an improvement over that of NATO in that it allows input from the smaller European states which would otherwise not be able to contribute. (4:35) Another important elemen...

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