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Human Rights Issues

In practice this heavy burden of proof means, of course, that (in legal systems where Shari'a procedure is seriously followed) conviction and punishment can only follow from a confession by an accused who is well aware of the penalty. The very imposition of this penalty for this act is, in the prevailing Western view, not only wrong in itself but taken as justification for every popular prejudice regarding "Islamic law" as a whole.

To what degree, then, do Westerndefined humanrights standards simply represent the imposition of Western norms as "universal" standards (Little, Kelsey, and Sachedina, no date: 4)? NonWestern critics of Western humanrights claims have often pointed out that these standards contain large elements of Western bias not only with respect to specifical crimes and penalties, but in the overall weighing of rights and responsibilities. Thus, in highcrime societies, the victims of crimes are not regarded as "humanrights victims. This point was forcefully made by an Iranian representative in addressing humanrights allegations before the United Nations:

From what sources have we brought our human

rights? From the religious sources? From the Roman

law? From the covention of some heads of state?

From where? Look at the secular societies all over

the world and see the shocking crime rates in the

(Khorasani 1981: 5)

In the case of Iran, this question may be regarded as a case of special pleading, but  whatever the source  these are questions which many Muslims (and others) around the world would have regarding Western views of "human rights."

Before going on to discuss specific WesternIslamic philosophical differences (and similarities) on humanrights questions, it is worth while to first address the general issue of human rights in the Third World, and how that relates to the political conditions of Muslim c...

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