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Human Rights Issues

Socially, both have a veneer of secular Westernism  active cafe and nightclub cultures, for example. In spite of Saddam Hussein's wartime effort to present his effort (against a coalition with many Muslim member states) as a jihad, Islam has had no place in the political agenda of Iraq or Syria.

Nor, of course, is the Middle East alone in humanrights violations. Amnesty International (1990) reports abuses in every part of the world, and the Middle East accounts for only a relatively small part of the total report summary. Clearly, humanrights abuses are a global problem, in no way confined to or particularly associated with the Islamic world. Indeed, even as this chapter is being written, press reports are indicating that nominally Christian Serbians are in the process of committing severe humanrights violations  verging, perhaps, on genocide  against their neighbors of different ethnic or religious background. Indeed, Muslims are among the principal victims of current Serbian abuses.

In the last chapter, we examined the modern development, in theory and practice, of Islamic penology. In this chapter, we will consider more specificlly the "humanrights" issues that are raised by the imposition of Islamic criminallaw codes and Islamic punishments in Muslim countries.

There are several aspects to the question of human rights. First, what, precisely, do we mean by "human rights?" In str


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