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Historic Stages in the Labor Administration System in Malaysia

The focal role of the Ministry of Labor can be seen in the tripartite bodies that have been established to seek the participation and consultation of employers' and workers' organizations to formulate labor policies. In most cases the tripartite bodies act in an advisory capacity. They include: the National Labour Advisory Council which is importantly involved in discussions on labor, employment and manpower issues by the Government trade unions and employers' organizations, meets three-to-four times a year, and is composed of 12 representatives from the Government and employers' and workers' organizations; the National Wage Council which covers such workers as shop assistants, hotel and catering workers, cinema workers and stevedores and cargo-handlers, and which provides minimum remuneration and communications-machinery for workers in industries where none is available; and the Manpower Development Board which is responsible for promoting maximum utilization of human resources, and may be replaced, after a review, by the National Vocational Training Council.

There are three important policy issues being addressed by the Ministry of Labor: first, unemployment has emerged as a serious problem which the Ministry must solve if it wishes to increase the employment prospects for youth and graduates; the second, pertains to removing existing rigidities in the labor market, and bringing about greater wage flexibility in order to promote foreign investment and, consequently, enhance the quality of life of workers; and third, the Ministry plans to encourage greater cooperation between vocational training programs and the need for skilled workers in the private sector by actively promoting employer-sponsored on-the-job training.

The Industrial Relations System began with the introduction of wage labor at the beginning of the century. Its scope has expanded, from the involvement of a small portion of the labor force in tin mines and rubb...

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