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Historic Stages in the Labor Administration System in Malaysia

The Ministry of Labor is primarily responsible for promoting stable and peaceful industrial relations, and ensuring workers' safety, health, welfare, and a quality of life that is consistent with the country's economic development. Its objectives include: to ensure development of manpower resources in accordance with employment needs in the private sector; to promote harmonious industrial relations; to provide minimum standards for worker's safety, health and welfare; and to encourage the development of a disciplined and productive workforce capable of contributing to economic growth.

The Ministry of Labor's responsibilities include the promotion of sound labor relations and support for collective bargaining. Government laws provide assistance in settling trade disputes and a mechanism for conflict resolution. Labor standards are crafted mainly to organize work conditions and employment, and to make them consistent with government laws and regulations. They include fixing a minimum wage, inspecting labor conditions, and overseeing health and safety programs and social security. The Ministry is more recently being drawn into activities to promote full and productive employment through training, to increase employment, and to attend to the special problems of women and migrant workers.


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