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Death Knocks - Woody Allen: A One-Act Play Featuring Two Characters

Allen endows Death with qualities we might not associate with him, in fact qualities that make him all too human and familiar. Death is a bit of a bumbler, tripping his way into the bedroom and nearly killing himself. Allen enhances the irony of this situation by making death "nauseous," and having him worried he will get "gangrene" from the cut he received on his knee climbing in the room (2). Death is also unassuming and humorous himself in ways that make him a very unthreatening portrayal of death.

Death is as humorous as Nat. When Nat tells him it cannot be his time because he just merged with a new company and that Death is not what he expected, Death replies, "What'd you expect-Rock Hudson" (Allen 3)? Death also seems to have limited power to carry out his assignment, since he willingly enters into Nat's wager to play a game of gin rummy. If Nat wins, he wins another 24 hours of life. If he loses, he will go with Death immediately. Allen also uses cultural icons to help personify death and make him less threatening and familiar. This version of Death enjoys his "Fresca" and is offered some "M&M's," quite bother Nat has not thought ahead to offer something a bit nicer for unexpected drop-ins (Allen 3). By making death so familiar and humorous, Allen makes him seem less fearsome and something we can approach in a much lighter moo


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