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Amir extra credit

This time he made history for being the oldest person to travel into space. I think that John Glenn should be a hero for all elderly people as a symbol of the productivity that can still be had in old age. The elders of our society are often forgotten and undervalued. American collective mentality has little respect for its elderly and we often perceive them as useless. John Glenn should serve as an example to show us no one is useless merely because of his or her age.

A native of Louisville, Kentucky, Muhammad Ali grew up under the name Cassius Marcellus Clay. It was not until 1967 when he converted to the religion of Islam that his name became Muhammad Ali. He was a great boxer, in fact he is considered the greatest of all time. Throughout his fighting career he set and broke records with ease. The current all-time record is still held by Ali, as he was the only person to ever win the world championship title three times. Shortly after he retired, Muhammad Ali developed Parkinsonís disease. Today, although heavily stricken with the disease, Ali continues to be an inspiration of courage and strength to millions. He now fights Parkinsonís disease by holding awareness camps and groups in hopes of one day finding a cure for the disabling disease. I think Muhammad Ali is a hero because of his never giving up regardless of the obstacles he has faced in life. I also admire him because he has strong convictions


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