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War as a Last Resort

Guerrilla leaders, therefore, must be able to demonstrate "clearly that it is in the people's interest to actually fight." More often than not, such persuasion involves convincing people of the real "possibility of thorough-going social and economic changes after the war." This objective of economic and social change, thus, frequently becomes the justification for the revolutionary action.

Revolutionary action assumes different forms under the guise of different justifications. In Latin America, as an example, the differences between urban dwellers, who are largely the descendants of Europeans, and rural dwellers, who are mostly native Indian populations must be considered. Almost all modern political development in Latin America has been urban-oriented, "with the Indian on the whole passively accepting his position of insubordination." An exception to this rule has been Nicaragua, where revolutions "have more often been staged and fought in the hinterlands than in the streets . . . ." The native Indian populations in Latin America certainly have justifiable grievances against the descendants of Europeans who now control their lives. Moreover, the native Indian populations in all Latin American countries tend to face intransigent opposition from governmental authorities with respect to providing for increased participation by native Indians in society or with respect to granting greater political autonomy to native Indian populations. The justifications for revolutionary actions are clearly present for the native Indian populations in Latin America. The extent to which these justifications support continuations of the struggle, however, is another question. In some Latin American countries, the odds against the success of a native Indian revolution are so great, that the native Indian populations in those countries have become docile. By contrast, in Peru, the Shinning Path guerrilla movem...

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