"Cast Away" The Movie of Tom Hanks
All the time in the background we hear the sounds of crashing waves against the shore. Noland then reaches for the first box and we hear the tearing sound of the perforated opening as he rips it open. He pulls out a videotape and we hear the sounds of videotapes hitting one another as he empties the box and more tapes fall to the ground. The next box is opened and we hear the tearing again. This time Noland pulls out a card in an envelope and tearing sound effects are heard again as he rips it open. Once he opens what appears to be a birthday card, he recites some of the scant dialogue while on the island as he reads the card: “Happy Birthday. The most beautiful thing in the world is of course, the world itself. Johnny, Have the happiest birthday in the world. Love, your Grandpa.” We hear wind rustling through the trees as he continues opening boxes. In the birthday box he finds a new Wilson volley ball in its box, and he spins the box around in his hands as we hear “thumping” sound effects as he keeps gripping and turning the box. He then rips open another box and we see a pair of ice skates. Waves crash and winds blow as he crunches the blades together and they “clang”. He then opens a box which contains a dress and has stuffing with it. The stuffing is tissue paper and makes “crinkling noise” as he bunches it up and tosses it away. He lifts one box and notices it has a paid of gold wings on it, the Fe

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