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Educational Availability for All Citizen in a Country

Jones (1998) appears to agree with Green (1997) on the threat of standards-based education in a world of global interdependence. Jones's main critique is on the types of language that surround the terms "globalization" and "internationalism." He says "internationalism has an inherent democratic foundation, looks to a world ordered by structures supportive of that fundamentalism which is embedded in accountability" (Jones, 1998). Both models imply different social functions of education. The tough choice here is whether or not to embrace pragmatism or favor tradition. The decision will vary by individual nations' economic predicaments, which may grow dire as more nations become insolvent and seek World Bank loans having highly conditional terms on what the money can be spent on and how. One problem in conducting this research is that there is a dearth of information on the effects of cheap information access in post colonial low income nations (Tikli 2001). Most of the research has been do


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