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Educational Availability for All Citizen in a Country

One problem in conducting this research is that there is a dearth of information on the effects of cheap information access in post colonial low income nations (Tikli 2001). Most of the research has been done on newly developed Pacific Rim nations like Korea, Japan, and China, and Indonesia, who are already integrated into the G20. The question of whether or not the United Nations and World Bank decide to implement standardized education requirements on the nations receiving World Bank loans should be the focus of future research.

Green, A. (1997). "Education, Globalization, and the Nation State." New York: Publisher name and contact information, as provided by the publisher; updated only if notified by the publisher.St. Martin's Press.

Green examines the future of education in a world where educational standards have become globalized. Green compares the development of standards and the purpose of education in European countries and "developing" Asian countries and argues that the role of education and its place in the culture is different in the two settings. The author is concerned that convergence on international educational standards may blight the potential for nations to retain home-grown cultures.

Jones, P. (1998). "Globalization and Internationalism: Democratic Prospects for World Education." Comparative Education (34)2. 14-155. Retrieved February 27, 2010 from

Jones argues to delineate "globalization" and "internationalism." His critique is that globalization is a euphemism for unfettered capitalism and that international takes into account nationalistic differences. The author examines the implication in globalization for reduced accountability. Chief among the organizations that would be overseeing educational accountability and the formation of standards would be UNESCO (United Nations Educational, Scientific, a


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