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Leadership Traits of Jerry Maguire

According to Hughes, Ginnett, and Curphy (2002), emotional intelligence may be defined as ˘Óa group of mental abilities that help people to recognize their own feelings and those of others÷ (198). Jerry desires transformation of his agency because he is tired of the focus on profits at the expense of the feelings of others and human relationships. When he is fired and his future looks bleak, Jerry tells Rod Tidwell, his only remaining athlete, that he failed ˘because a hockey playerĂs kid made me feel like a superficial jerk. I ate two slices of bad pizza, went to bed, and grew a conscience!÷ (Crowe 1996).

Dorothy Boyd is an accountant at SMI. She is inspired and believes in Jerry after reading his memo. She becomes the follower who JerryĂs leadership will empower to develop her own professional potentiality. As she explains, ˘I care about the job, but mostly I just want to be inspired÷ (Crowe 1996). MaslowĂs hierarchy of needs maintains that workers are motivated to the degree that certain needs are met. In this hierarchy of needs, Maslow maintains that followers are motivated to the degree that needs are met from the basic needs at the bottom of the hierarchy to the top. JerryĂs leadership helps Dorothy fulfill her basic physiological and security needs, but he also helps her fulfill her higher level needs like esteem and self-actualization. As she tells her sister, ˘Fo


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