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Asthma Pathophysiology

However, those in favor of the theory suggest that the acidic content of polluted air may trigger acid release by the lungs which triggers an asthma attack “People with asthma soon may benefit from these findings by being able to breathe into a monitor that detects acidic breath. In the long run, researchers hope that a simple spray will neutralize pH and halt asthma attacks” (Bad 1).

The pathophysiology of asthma is important to understand because only then can researchers discover more effective methods of management and treatment of the disorder. There are numerous studies conducted to help determine the pathophysiology of the disorder, from studying the impact of barbecue smoke in the summer to the effects of exercise on those who suffer from asthma. One of the biggest reasons for airway inflammation is the buildup of expired nitric oxide concentration during an asthma attack. Once again, pH is thought to play a role in the pathophysiology of the disorder “Airway pH has never been studied in acute asthma and may be an important determinant of expired nitric oxide concentration and airway inflammation…Regulation of airway pH may have a role in asthma pathophysiology” (Haveles 2). These and other studies into the pathophysiology of asthma are crucial to developing more effective methods of managing and treating the disorder. We will now review some of the present management and treatment options available for those who suffer from this breathing disorder.

There are various modalities of treatment for asthma. However, like many ailments early detection of asthma can be crucial in preserving healthy lung function. The symptoms described above are almost always observable, and devices like peak flow meters are available to measure breathing ability. Since one of the biggest catalysts in the onset of asthma is an inflamed airway, the first step typically involves attempts at reducing the inflammation. Many asthma...

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