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Texts Used as an Aid in Helping Students

The FLIP strategy, used primarily with middle and secondary level students, consists of a method that students can use to evaluate the level of difficult associated with a given text assignment. This evaluation of difficulty level can then be used as the basis for formulating a realistic notion of the amount of time to allocate to learning the material covered.

The term FLIP stands for the questions students must consider in making their analysis with each question being rated by students using a likert-type scaling system. These questions are:

F = Friendliness: How friendly is the assignment?

L = Language: How difficult is the language?

I = Interest: How interesting is the assignment?

P = Prior Knowledge: How much do I already know of this material?

Although the FLIP strategy has not been extensively tested, research conducted by Kelly and Farnan (1990) suggests that, with practice, students can grow in awareness of the text-based and reader-based factors influencing their degree of text comprehension; and this awareness allows them to take whatever actions are necessary to overcome any factors that limit comprehension. Further, Schumm and Mangrum (1991) report that their own research has shown that the FLIP strategy both improves test performance (an indicator of course learning) and assists students in making more realistic estimates of the amount of time it will take them to learn the material covered in the text assignment.


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