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Advertising Bahamas Tourism

However, “because radio infomercials are so new, it’s too soon to tell what impact they will have”, but they are less expensive than TV advertising (Horovitz, 1994: 1).

Other forms of traditional advertising include trade shows, brochures, flyers and other forms of marketing. However, these can often be costly as well, even though databases of potential target customers can be purchased for greater segmentation. Mailings are not cheap due to postage costs and brochures and other advertising publications can run into the tens of thousands quite easily. However, new technology and desktop publishing have made this a more viable and less costly option in today’s marketing environment.

The advent of computer technology has given advertisers in the Bahamas a new form of advertising, the Internet and Web Sites. Just about any marketing plan today includes Internet and Web advertising, where millions of consumers around the world surf the Web and can locate information on anything from the Bahamas to Beijing at their fingertips. For a sum as low as $2,000 a company can create its own Web page, “a welcome mat on the Web” (McBryant, 1995: 3). However, this is only the beginning of expenditures for a Web site intended for marketing. This initial cost is only for a Web server that allows one computer system to electronically connect and share information with others. This saves a lot of valuable time providing information that might regularly be asked by future tourists, like room cost, room availability, and other frequently requested information. It also gets your name in front of millions of people, but there is virtually no way of knowing the client base. You can also expect to spend anywhere from $10,000-$25,000 securing your Web site in order to keep hackers out of your confidential information, and, today’s sophisticated Web marketers retain a Webmaster who maintains the system and keeps it running smoothly f...

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