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Bahamas Tourism

Of course, the goal is to keep increasing the number of annual visitors to these new investments in the Bahamas, and hotels use a mix of media, including television, print, radio and other forms of traditional marketing. However, with the advent of technology and the Internet, Bahamas tourism is also actively promoted via the Internet. The main Internet site for Bahamas tourism is: . This analysis will explore the traditional and Internet forms of marketing through a cost comparison. Three main Bahamas hotels will also be analyzed: the Radisson Cable Beach Resort; the Atlantis Paradise Island Resort and Casino; the Nassau Marriott Resort. A conclusion will discuss Bahamas hotel and tourism marketing in the future.

Television advertising is definitely the most expensive form of advertising available. Costs vary depending on the size of the audience reached and the time of airing. For example, during the SuperBowl, when millions of people are tuned in to the big game, it costs $43,000 per second or $1,3000.00 for a 30-second spot (Advertisers, 1996: 1). Yet, if one wants to advertise in a local market without regard to time aired, television advertising can be more reasonably priced. For instance, a special advertising package is available that includes production of the ad and airing once, two weekends a month, for sixty seconds on on


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