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Nursing Theory: Mishel's Uncertainty in Illness

Despite this shortcoming, Mishel's theory does elevate the importance of uncertainty in illness, highlighting how it can affect the patient's state of mind and thus his recovery process. Every element of recovery that nurses understand more fully is an element that they can leverage in their efforts to help patients recover, and Mishel's theory is no exception. Nurses that have grasped Mishel's theory can work to mitigate uncertainty that damages the patient's hope and will to live while encouraging patients whose uncertainty is a positive factor in their recovery.

The impact of Mishel's theory is beneficial, particularly for patients that are negatively impacted by the uncertainty surrounding their condition. According to Bonadonna (2003, p. 311), Mishel's findings with respect to her Uncertainty in Illness Theory were confirmed by those of Morse and Johnson, who went on to develop a four-stage process of living with illness that included uncertainty as one of the four stages. Another study by Mu, Ma, Hwang, and Chao (2002, p. 72) on uncertainty in fathers whose children have cancer also reinforces Mishel's theory, finding that "Paternal perception of uncertainty is negatively associated with sense of mastery," which has an effect on the father's perception of mastery in terms of his ability to exert control over the illness.

The greatest impact of Mishel's theory has been one of understanding. Thanks to Mishel's work, the importance of uncertainty in patient illness has become better understood and has come under increasing scrutiny as a factor in patient recovery and well-being. Impacts on actual practice do not seem to have been documented, and in fact, there will probably be no impacts other than those that arise from greater understanding of how uncertainty can influence a patient's recovery and the hopes and expectations of the patient's family. This is not to discount the importance of Mishel's ...

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