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Criminal Court System

If such announcements are not made, a formal vote on whether to hear the case is held following the discussion.

For a case to be accepted for hearing by the United States Supreme Court, it must meet certain technical criteria. The petition must comply with the rules of the United States Supreme Court, the court must have jurisdiction, and the litigant must have standing. The United States Supreme Court is also more likely to decide to hear a case when a conflict between lower courts exists with respect to the interpretation of a legal question. A case is also more likely to be heard if the issues involved are considered by the justices to be especially important. In this context, the personal values of the justices tend to influence their perceptions of the importance of the issues involved in a case. The identity of the litigant also influences the court's decision to hear a case. Litigants whose causes are viewed favorably by at least four justices are likely to receive a hearing.

Cases are likely to be denied hearing when the issues are controversial to the point that a decision could cause the court to be vulnerable to attack. Cases are also likely to be rejected when facts "are too muddled to allow a clear decision," or when the cases would "require justices to reach a decision on grounds different from the ones they would like to use."

When the United States Supreme Court accepts a case for hearing, the court retains the option to determine which of the issues involved in the case will be addressed. Within this context, the court can address the issues contained in the petition, or it can ask the parties to the case to address an issue raised by none of the parties involved.

Once a case has been accepted for hearing, the court may provide full consideration of the case reaching a decision on the merits of the case, or, alternatively, the case may receive only summary consideration. Approximately onethird o...

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