Geography of Korea
Initially, his army occupied most of the South, but when US forces landed in sizable numbers, the North was routed, and the American and South Korean military swept into the North, occupying most of it. But then China poured in a million troops on the side of the North, which resulted in a stalemate in 1953 near the 38th parallel; that is where the boundary between the two hostile camps remains to this day.

While the North has been run by a rigid totalitarian government, where the standard of living is low, even in comparison to other countries in Asian, the South has industrialized and prospered vastly since the 1960's, under a series of relatively authoritarian regimes (Hoare, 1988).

Confucianism is the core philosophical belief of South Korea, though a large percentage of the population is nominally Christian or non-religious (Handbook of Korea, 1987). The philosophy promotes the idea of consensus, both group and national, as opposed to the emphasis on individualism in the West, and particularly the US. This manifests itself in a greater affinity for authoritarianism, as opposed to the conflicts and divisiveness of Western-style democracies. It also helps explain the "company unions" where strikes, until the 1980's at least, were relatively rare. In addition Confucianism inculcates reverence for education in general and teachers in particular. Also, a str

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