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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Arranged & by Choice Marriages

Barry (1981, p. 47) notes that "In cultures where dowry and arranged marriages are still practiced, [sexual slavery] procurers often pose as potential husbands who are willing to pay a family for marriage to their daughters or as labor contractors who promise young girls a job in the city;" once the arrangements are made, the girls are not seen again, and in one year alone 2,000 girls were reported missing in India where this had taken place. Moreover, some parents are willing to marry their young daughters off to the most reprehensible of characters just to bring in money for the family.

On the marriage for love side, "Americans consider love a necessary precondition for marriage" (Levine, Sato, Hashimoto, Verma, 1995, p. 554). The thought of marrying without choosing one's own partner and without the prospect of "true love" is abhorrent to independence-loving Americans. Indeed, even in China, a country long accustomed to arranged marriages, a multiple regression analysis showed that love-match wives there are more satisfied in their marriages than those in arranged marriages (Xiaohe & Whyte, 1990, p. 709). Moreover, a 1975 research study in Turkey, another country where arranged marriages have been the norm for a long time, found that "homogamy is as great among self-selected as among kin-selected spouses," and...the type of marriage arrangement has a small but independent impact on marriage behavior" (Fox, 1975, p. 180). These studies argue in favor of marriage for love and suggest that even where arranged marriage has been prevalent, couples marrying for love can find happiness regardless of tradition.

On the other hand, the assumption that "Love is fission" rather than fusion is bolstered by U.S. divorce statistics that hover around 50%. Proponents of arranged marriage point to the fact that marriage for love can fizzle out quickly, leaving the participants with no underlying relationship to hold them to...

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