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The Advantages & Disadvantages of Arranged & by Choice Marriages

The prevailing sentiment is that "love matches start out hot and grow cold, while arranged marriages start out cold and grow hot" and that arranged marriages tend to be marriages for life (Xiaohe & Whyte, 1990, p. 710). This is due not only to the inflation of passion that can wane dramatically but also due to what Constantina Safilios-Rothschild (1975, p. 76) refers to as "resource theory," or the provision of and access to assets in the marriage that can be brought by both partners. In addition, Applbaum (1995, p. 37) points out that arranged marriages in Japan "are premised upon the similarity of social standing of the families of the prospective couple, and the families are very much involved in the process of selecting a marriage partner." This suggests that the individual the family selects is more than likely to be someone with whom the person can and will be compatible by virtue of shared background and interests.

A down side to arranged marriages is that they are not always legitimate. Barry (1981, p. 47) notes that "In cultures where dowry and arranged marriages are still practiced, [sexual slavery] procurers often pose as potential husbands who are willing to pay a family for marriage to their daughters or as labor contractors who promise young girls a job in the city;" once the arrangements are made, the girls ar


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