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The improvement over straight telephone selling is even greater. The combination of characteristics created a potent new marketing method (Bencin, 1983).

Telemarketing has been used with great success by major organizations, such as MCI, GTE, and Sears (Sales & Marketing Management, 1984; Taylor, 1984). As the American economy continues to evolve, an ever increasing array of products and services are being sold through the use of telemarketing programs (Sales & Marketing Management, 1985).

Mail order fraud is difficult to accurately define. In most instances, product quality, features, and capacities are simply greater than those inferred by the advertising (Wiener, 1989). Companies which engage in such deceptive practices are usually unwilling or quite reluctant to provide a refund.

In other instances, the products offered through mail order are simply over priced to an incredible degree. An outstanding example of this practice is the life insurance offered without need of a physical examination by several companies ("Insurance You Can Live Without," 1988).

Most mail order firms are legitimate, and they stand behind their products (Englander, 1989). If a product offered through mail order appears to be too good to be true, however, it probably is just that (McKeown, 1988).

There are three underlying causes for the increase in mail order fraud. These causes are a misuse of power on the part of retail

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