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A Sorrowful Woman

We see that her child is healthy and looks at her with approving eyes and we are told quite often that she has an understanding and considerate husband, ˘He understands these things÷ (Godwin, p. 28). Her husband even tells her ˘I want you to feel freerÓyou need a rest from us÷ (Godwin, p. 28; 27). Still, the woman is tortured by anguish and unhappiness as she goes about her daily ritual as wife, mother and homemaker. At one point she breaks into hysterics, ˘yelping without tears, retching in between÷ (Godwin, p. 26). Once more her husband seems to be the caring and considerate kind person as he cares for her. To explain what is happening he tells their son, ˘ĂMommy is sick,Ă as he carries her off to bed÷ (Godwin, p. 26)).

The next day the womanĂs husband fixes her breakfast in bed and tries to soothe her. Weeks pass as the narrator continues to distance herself from her roles as wife, mother and homemaker, eventually closing herself off in her room. Unexpectedly, the narrator wakes one day and finds that she must immediately find things to do to keep her active. She spends the following days engaging in myriad activities around the house, from cleaning and cooking to doing the laundry and knitting clothes. It is these responsibilities and duties, allegedly the stuff of myth that makes a woman happy but that do little to provide meaning or fulfillment for the narrator in ˘A Sorrowful Woman.÷ As such, she confines herself to a tiny room she has taken


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