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Industrial Development and Its effect to Environment

In response, Browner stated that some EPA policies, such as refusal to release certain data, are required by laws that the Clinton administration wants to change. The Superfund Bill recently proposed by the Clinton administration would require that a group of people who live around each cleanup site be established to guide the EPA and cleanup contractors. The pesticide bill would lift the restriction that limits the EPA to evaluating only the carcinogenicity. It would mandate that neurological effects, immunologic effects, and birth defects be evaluated as well.

Organized medicine is also beginning to take a greater interest in environmental issues. Before the end of the first quarter of 1994, the American Medical Association joined the National Association of Physicians for the Environment (NAPE). NAPE is concerned about the lack of data physicians can rely on when patients raise questions about environmental health risks. The lack of that kind of data in part may explain tension between physicians and those who live in the most polluted places. In Tucson, for example, physicians refuse to answer questions whenever residents with difficult or unexplained health problems say that they live on the south side where wells have been polluted with Trichloroethylene (TCE). The EPA finally made a visit to these wells, and while physicians may be able to feel confident that exposure to TCE does not cause cancer, there is simply not enough data to know whether it causes autoimmune-related disorders, like lupus and arthritis as some residents suspect.

A similar tension between community activists and physicians exists in Dallas. According to Luis Sepulveda, president of the West Dallas Coalition for Environmental Justice, local physicians prefer to ignore environmentally induced illnesses. As in Tucson, some Dallas physicians suspect that political motives lie behind the concerns. There is a lead problem, states Dallas County ...

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