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Medical Diagnosis & Treatment

The benefits of VSC treatment do not always show up on traditional respiratory assessment tests such as lung volumes, or may precede improvements in them, as in the case of dyspnea.

Improvement after VSC treatment has been seen in COPD patients, even though their lung volume data did not show it. The authors suggest that VSC could cause breathing to become more difficult even before actual obstruction occurs. Chiropractic manipulation has also proven helpful in asthma in children and this was verified clinically by an increase of 25 percent in peak flow volume. It was shown in a retrospective study that those who had a milder form of asthma and an earlier age of onset derived more benefit from chiropractic treatments. These types of results add credibility to the rationale for using chiropractic manipulation to treat pulmonary disease, and to the idea that it may be caused by VSC.

Treatment of cardiovascular disorders by chiropractic techniques can also show changes which are clinically demonstrable, in particular, changes in blood pressure. Chiropractors use blood pressure monitoring and pulse rate measuremen


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