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Constructing The Sexual Crucible

Other-validated models of intimacy tend to deteriorate over time. Self-validated intimacy is required for marriage; partners need to be able to persevere when validation from the other is not available. Many people are unable to maintain the offering of intimate information, particularly when fears of betrayal or abandonment are present, as in important relationships. Simple improvement techniques found in popular articles fail, they do not address these issues (pp. 121-143).

Schnarch's model of intimacy appears to be applicable to a treatment modality. Loose definitions or descriptions are difficult to apply and offer no help with understanding or learning the intimacy process. The ability to share one's core self with another can be experienced in a therapeutic setting. The crucible modality allows for intimacy expression and growth.

A crucible is defined as a vessel in which metamorphic processes occur; the therapeutic crucible is a means of therapeutic solution. The goal of this modality is to help the couple go through the drama rather than to end or avoid it; therapy is the crucible containing the couple's drama with the marriage dynamics fueling the crucible. The sexual aspect focuses on ways couples act out individual, dyadic, and family dynamics in the sexual dimension of the marital relationship (p. xv). A crucible participates in the metamorphosis by containing the reaction so changes can occur; the nonreactive therapist and the therapeutic alliance function as the nonreactive container as the patient transforms (pp. 159-160).

Construction of the crucible includes introducing the couple to the concept of sexuality as a window and forming two separate, interlocking individual conflicts or crucibles. The crucible is initially experienced in the therapist's office with couple interactions, then expands to the emotional boundaries of the therapeutic alliance, and finally encompasses patients' interactions at...

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