John Berendt's Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
In the book they are dating but the movie quickly dispenses with Odom so that Mandy is free to begin seeing Kelso. Once more this change undermines the richness of the relationships in the book, especially because Kelso acts like he has never dated before in the movie and the relationship is bland. He has to be told to kiss Mandy. Another significant change in the movie that undermines character stems from the treatment of Minerva, the voodoo priestess. In the novel, some of the residents of Savannah, like Jim Williams, partly believe in her magic and spell casting. During the trial, she tells Williams the dead boy is working hard against him and he replies, ˘Danny? Well, it doesnĂt surprise me÷ (Berendt, 1994, p. 353). In the movie, however, she is treated like a local eccentric. When Kelso asks her to come in during a funeral in the cemetery, she says ˘I never enter the office on Sunday. Ba-a-d juju÷ (Eastwood, 1997).

Some things the movie changes are understandable and do not truly undermine the original. This is the case by having the four trials of Jim WilliamsĂ in the novel reduced to a single trial in the film. However, the film tries to fit the characters and Savannah into a courtroom trial format. Once the trial begins, we begin to lose focus on the rich characters, including Savannah itself. We also see in the movie that the character of Danny Hanson is renamed Billy Carl Hanson and reduce

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