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Different Styles of Counseling

" These assignments typically involve clients being told to practice various new behaviors and strategies for dealing with situations. If, for example, a client might have a problem dealing with his boss, he will told to practice different things he might say to his boss or new ways of behaving when his boss says makes certain kinds of statements.

Rational-Emotive Therapy is the counseling leadership style that I personally favor. The primary reason I like this style is based on the fact that I agree strongly with its basic therapeutic premise. This premise holds that psychological problems arise from irrational beliefs and false assumptions about life and self.

According to Rational-Emotive theory, unpleasant emotional responses such as anger, unhappiness, fear, depression, or anxiety are said to result not from childhood or other traumatic events but from our thoughts about these events. I agree with this view and think it offers a key underlying explanation for why most forms of "insight-oriented therapy" are effective. That is, I believe that in most cases what people are really gaining insight into is how irrational their thought system really has been. When, they then change this system of thinking, successful client outcomes arise.

Another directive leadership style is based on what has come to be known as Gestalt Therapy. This style of therapeutic/counseling leadership was developed by Fritz Perls (1969). The Gestalt style of leadership is rooted in the view that psychoemotional problems arise because the totality of one's experience of life has somehow been fragmented or separated. The goal of therapy, therefore, is to heal this separation and get a person back to functioning on a psychoemotional level that is free of hidden and closed off branches of thought and feeling.

The style of leadership associated with Gestalt therapy is confrontive. In particular, it is a counseling leadership style that strongl...

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