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Canadian troops joined those from the United Kingdom and the United States in Kosovo to protect the political rights of ethnic Albanians from abuses by Serbia. When the issue is prison labour in China or child labour in India or below subsistence-level wages in Indonesia, however, the Canadian government opts for an emphasis on "quiet diplomacy" and "constructive engagement".

The Canadian federal government policies on human rights recognise the broad spectrum of issues included within the framework of the concept of human rights. Thus, there is little argument concerning the comprehensiveness of Canada's accommodation of human rights in its foreign policy. Rather, the issue is the uneven application of the policies concerning human rights.

While Canada's policy approach toward human rights may be admirable, its application remains both uneven and slanted toward more toward Canada's own international political and economic objectives than to the country's concern for universal human rights. Prime Minister Chretien said that the deployment of Canadian troops in Kosovo was to promote human rights. With respect to concerns for human rights in China, however, the Prime Minister said in the same address that " one of the most important elements of our foreign policy is dialogue. Recognising that dialogue implies listening as well as speaking".

Foreign Minister Lloyd Axworthy defended the approach of the Canadian government to the administration of the human rights element of the country's foreign policy on the grounds that, in the contemporary world, the safety of the individual must be the paramount human rights concern of Canada's foreign policy. According to the Foreign Minister, to be effective, Canada's application of human rights policies must be flexible. While some people in Canada do advocate inflexibility in the application of human rights policies, most people accept the wisdom of a flexible policy application i...

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