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Case Study: Leadership Styles

As he said “Peter, you know we’ve been under tremendous pressure to have this new axe into the production phase and on the market in under two years.” Production manager Jim Brown spoke up and said that his observations pointed to production problems “We’re always scrambling to meet the back orders. We need more people and new machines to keep up with this demand and improve our quality.”

It was newly hired Quality Assurance Manager Mellie Abramson who shocked most members of the group when she offered her input about the White Prophet not being ISO 9000-certified, something she insisted all White Diamond product should be to instill the highest confidence level among consumers. She said that in her opinion the group needed to “Examine the new-product introduction process as well as the ongoing production processes to see how the company can prevent this type of thing from happening in the future.”

My feelings and perceptions regarding these meetings and the outcome of them, which will be discussed presently, are positive overall. This is particularly true when it comes to Peter Metcaff’s leadership abilities. We see in Limerick, Cunnington, and Crowther (153), that meta-strategic management encompasses four key elements that are bridged together into a cohesive whole under effective leadership:

The leadership of Metcaff demonstrates the ability to bring diverse aspects of management together in a coherent whole through meta-strategic design. White Diamond’s mission statement reads as follows “To design, manufacture, and bring to market, in a profitable and on-time manner, innovative and technical products of high quality, high performance, and exemplary durability that are targeted toward our primary customers-climbers and backcountry skiers.” Within the management principles of the company, we see the guiding philosophy behind White Diamond’s organizational culture that Metcaff is able to kee...

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