Case Study: Leadership Styles
The following, in chronological order, are my account of the incidences that took place in the two meetings and six weeks that followed the discovery of the White Prophet’s design flaw.

On the Monday following the weekend discovery of the White Prophet’s design flaw, Peter Metcaff called an emergency meeting with the department heads named above. The strategy was to develop a plan to handle the crisis and discover a long-term solution to preventing such crises in future. Metcaff was confused and angry. He was thankful no one using the axe was injured but admitted the flaw was a marketing and public relations disaster. He demanded an explanation, arguing that he felt the axe represented the “latest and greatest” technology. He was also confused because there had never been such a design flaw in White Diamond’s mountaineering axes in the history of the company.

Marketing manager Maria Kraner said fervently, “If customers see this as meaning our axes are of poor quality, the whole business may be jeopardized!” Stan Williams argued that his sales reps were throwing fits, with long lists of backorders for an axe that is now considered of poor quality! He

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