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US Charter Schools

Many critics of current public schools and advocates of charter schools feel that those most in need of education alternatives are those mired in the poverty of America’s urban centers. Many see charter schools as the best means of hope for achieving parity with suburban school districts. However, when it comes to using public funding for charter schools, many are opposed to the idea among even blacks, liberals, and progressive educators. This is because the funding for charter schools comes instead of and at the expense of those school districts most in need of additional resources. In other words, the urban school districts already suffering from the most neglect will further erode, abandoning students who are not lucky enough to be selected in the “lottery” for charter school “Opting out of public schools will eventually hurt all school-age children. Charters are another veiled attempt to siphon away money for public education and give it to private institutions” (Blossom, 1999, 4).

Still, many parents, educators and legislators believe that charter schools represent an effective alternative to the woes that plague public education, particularly in many poor urban districts. Yet, the current status of charter schools is that they are considered a new and fairly unproven alternative to traditional public schooling. So, too, those who operate charter schools are often faced with hostility, government red-tape and inefficiency, and other challenges because of the new and relatively unproven nature of charter schools. For example, in California, where charter schools are popular and many, the state legislature failed to write into its budget a measure to provide timely funding for charter schools. The result of this may cause the majority of new schools to open to fail because they must serve students for three-quarters of the year without funding “This delay is the result of the last-minute language put into a b...

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