Feminism in the Victorian Era
As she tells her husband, ˘a great wrong was done to me Torvald. First by Papa and then by youÓ,÷ (Ibsen, p. 104).

In the beginning of the play, Nora is content to play larks and squirrels for her husband, to steal cookies, to beg for money, and to limit herself for her husbandĂs happiness. She believes these sacrifices are part and parcel of the marriage contract, but she also believes her husband would make similar sacrifices for her benefit. In actuality, Torvald primarily views Nora as a mother and wife, while he objectifies her as a sexual object. When she prances around playing larks and squirrels, Torvald tells her, ˘I pretend to myself that you are my young brideÓthat, for the first time, I am alone with you ű quite alone with you, as you stand there young and trembling and beautiful,÷ (Ibsen, p. 106).

We see that Torvald only seems to appreciate Nora as a virginal and frightened young girl. He has little to no appreciation for her intellect or capacity for autonomous thought or action. Despite NoraĂs existence revolving around making Torvald happy, when she asks to go to Italy he refuses to take her. He tells her she is too ˘frivolous÷ and it is not his job to ˘pander to her mood and caprices,÷ (Ibsen, p. 106). Nora is unable to exert herself in any role other than wife (sex object) and mother (housekeeper). Nora will continue to make major sacrifices for her husband,

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