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Internet Pornography Ban

(However, I find many of the harms cited by anti-pornography forces—basically, every evil in the world today is caused by pornography—to be dubious at best.) Since almost everybody agrees that children should not be looking at adult material, the issue becomes one of means, not ends. What is the best way to prevent children from accessing pornographic images on the Internet without infringing on the rights of adults to access those materials?

The censors argue that a ban on Internet pornography is the only effective means to keep children from downloading and viewing sexually explicit photographs. In their view, children are much more technically advanced than their parents and spend most of their free time unsupervised. Software that blocks access to adult sites is flawed because many children are technically advanced enough to get around the blocking software. Those children who cannot get around the blocking software still can access pornographic material because site managers change their Internet address constantly so as to evade the reach of such software (Enough Is Enough 11).

Moreover, even if blocking software proved feasible, a child determined to view pornography could go elsewhere. A child could go to a friend's house, where the parents have not installed blocking software. Or the child could go to the library, where the computers must be available to all (Enough Is Enough 11-12).

This presents parents with a quandary. Their c


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