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9th Season of NBC Television's Series "Law & Order"

The police side consists of two detectives and the Captain of Detectives in their local precinct, and the district attorney's side consists of the DA and two assistant DA's, one of who is the primary and the other of whom is known as the "second chair," a legal reference to the second attorney in court.

The first season, actor George Dzundza quit at the end of the first season, giving as his reason that he wanted to be in Los Angeles with his family instead of in New York where the show was filmed. The decision by Wolf to shoot in New York gave the show its unique look and access to a variety of New York actors not seen that often on television, and that decision contributed to the success of the show. However, it also contributed to the loss of Dzundza and his replacement the next year, Paul Sorvino. Some have argued that Dzundza actually quit because he was unhappy with the ensemble nature of the show and so with the fact that he was not getting enough screen time and was sharing the show too much with co-star Michael Moriarty, the primary assistant DA for the first four seasons. Paul Sorvino quit in the middle of the third season because he considered the weather too cold and was concerned about it damaging his voice--he was pursuing an opera career as well.

The first ADA was played by Richard Brookes, and the first Captain of Detectives was played by Dann Florek. Both were replaced at the beginning of the fourth season under pressure from NBC to break up what was then an all male cast and to bring some women into the show. The two were replaced by Jill Hennessey and S. Epatha Merkerson. Other changes would follow until the six primary roles on the show had been played by a total of twelve actors ("FAQ").

Many observers have blamed producer Dick Wolf for the many cast changes, and he contributed to this criticism when he commented that the show was "actor proof," meaning that it is the format and not the actors th...

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