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Developed Personal Skills in Community College for Adult Students

These certificates are issued for six years so a renewal process must be undergone when they expire. The requirements for each certificate with respect to education and other aspects of training are also different. For example, the Lifetime Certificate requires a minimum of a Master’s degree or higher and a minimum of 18 graduate semester hours in the field being(s) taught [See Appendix I].

Someone who is issued a Special Certificate, in contrast, must meet the following requirements:

A Bachelor’s degree or higher, or a minimum of five years of directly related experience in the occupational field to be taught, or

Has a valid Arizona license or certificate in the field to be taught; or valid certification in the field to be taught issued by a national, state, professional or specialized accrediting body, and

Has complete the Arizona Community College Course required.

The nature of community colleges makes it imperative that the prospective instructor understands the needs of the populations being served by different communities. So, too, different requirements are mandated by different community colleges for similar positions. For example, we have already reviewed some of the educational requirements mandated by Arizona state education officials. If we look at some other community colleges, we see that their educational requirements are quite different in contrast. For example, Central Community College in Grand Island, Nebraska, requires the following educational requirements for its English instructors, “Individual must have a Master’s degree with at least 18 credit hours of graduate English or related disciplines and at least 2 years of related occupational experience. Experience in distant delivery instruction is desired” (Central, 2002, 1).

At Niagara Community College, the instructor position currently open requires a minimum of five years teaching experience and possession of a doctorate from an...

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