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Low Cost College

This has not been a universal trend, but where it has been instituted it has had two offsetting effects:

1) It partially removes the individual colleges from local supervision and gives them trustees more likely to be sympathetic to the ideals and ambitions of an academic faculty.

2) It ties each college to the rules of a larger system and makes a gradual redefinition of institutional purpose more difficult, also inhibiting ambitious administrators from exploiting local civic pride to make theirs a "real four-year college."

The movement away from direct local control and the comprehensive high school model could eventually change the character of the community colleges (Jencks and Riesman, 1968, 482-483).

What has been changing the community college system is a set of forces related to the economy. The community college system in California is one of the most extensive in the nation and has long been held up as a model, and what has been happening in that system shows the strains on the system today and the way in which politicians have been trying to cope with a budget crisis while maintaining some level of educational service. The budget crisis in California has had an effect on many programs, agencies, and departments, including the educational system of which California has long been proud. California has long held out the opportunity for every qualified child to attend a publicly funded school from kindergarten through graduate school, and one of the linchpins of this system has been the community college or junior college system, providing opportunities for higher education to students whose high school grades may not qualify them for a four-year college as yet and for students who may not yet be financially able to attend a four-year college. These colleges have been especially hard hit by the budgetary crisis and have been harmed by measures taken to cope with it. The definition of "community college" and the r...

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