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Criminal Justice Degrees

As her sister said on the little watched O’Reilly Factor talk show when asked by the host why police had not yet arrested Blake if all she were saying was true, she answered, “It’s all circumstantial evidence. I would think the average Joe would already have been arrested, but I think they’re dotting their i’s and crossing their t’s because he’s famous and he’s wealthy” (O’Reilly 3). In other words, wealth and celebrity helps us frame our values and perceptions regarding crime and justice in this country, values and perceptions the media reinforces and disseminates.

In addition to the media and law enforcement influence in shaping our construction of crime and justice, the political process and institutions do so as well. Some press reports and those inside the situation claim that the arrest of Robert Blake was politically motivated. Los Angeles Police Chief Bernard Parks is under criticism for many issues involving the Los Angeles Police Department (LAPD). His bid to be re-elected to a second five-year term was rejected by the local police commission. Throughout the history of Hollywood “celebrity”, the rich and famous have been treated “differently” by the criminal justice system, politicians, and the media. From outright cover-ups to travesties of justice like the O.J. Simpson trial, the rich and famous often get perks from the system common individuals do not. Police have gathered evidence and investigated the case for more than a year before actually charging Blake. His home and those suspected to be involved was only recently searched. He is in a separate holding area away from other criminals and suspects in jail. Further, the actions of Bernard Parks after the announcement of Blake’s arrest caused suspicion, “Los Angeles’ beleaguered police chief Bernard Parks immediately called an unusual 9 pm press conference, sparking charges from Blake’s supporters that the much-publicized ...

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