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Criminal Justice

After a year of widespread media scrutiny and intense law enforcement investigation, Blake was arrested April 19, 2002, charged with murder and solicitation of murder. Within this case we see three very powerful social institutions that help construct the reality of crime and justice: the media, the criminal justice system, and the political system. We could also add to this a fourth, Hollywood. The motion picture industry is a powerful force in constructing reality and perceptions. As one law professor observing the Blake case notes, “The trial has celebrity appeal but does not rise to the level of the O.J. Simpson case. Simpson came to court with an added presumption of innocence because of who he was” (Deutsch 1). Despite these sentiments, the media frenzy over the case has been intense. Half of the media portrayals focus on Blake’s celebrity, while the other half focus on the lurid and grafter-like background of his wife who supposedly made a career out of chasing celebrities. Bakely’s dubious past that included soliciting money from men for sexual favors or pornographic images, has fashioned the perception that she is on trial, not her murderer. Blake’s lawyer describes Bakely as a ruthless celebrity seeker with a jail record, history of drug use, and a sc


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