The Film Misery
Human beings are subject to emotions and affects irrespective of their expectations and wishes, and so they always experience the impact of the unconscious. From moment to moment human beings receive messages from the unconscious in the act of remembering, and Jung says that the immediate availability of memory is comprehensible if we assume the existence of the unconscious (Hall and Nordby, 1973, 35-36).

While it may appear that the individual mind is unique, it has much in common with other minds. Here is another area where Jung differs greatly from Freud, for he discerns a common substratum of the mind which he calls the collective unconscious. The individual is thus a member of a community and an individual and is at the same time a repository of collective attributes, such as the instincts. The individual may see these unlearned activities as his or her private property, and through them the individual can deal competently with certain environmental situations. However, the instincts are part of the constitution of everyone even though their manifestation may seem unique and essential for life. They cannot be classified as personal acquisitions. The collective unconscious works through archetypes, the original pattern, or the prototype, or the inborn manner of comprehension comparable to the instincts which are inborn manners of acting (Hall and Nordby, 1973, 39-41).

The collective unconscious is an important though un

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