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Good Will Hunting: "Broom-pushing Prodigy from South Boston"

Sean cannot be fooled by Will's glib attempts to outwit him, and the two eventually establish a complicated relationship that helps both men to grow. Maslin writes, "Edgy and sarcastic as he is, Will works overtime to locate the doctor's raw nerves, and the actors play this out passionately" (B10).

At the same time, Will has stumbled into a romance with Skylar (Minnie Driver), a British pre-med student at Harvard, who is charmed by the boy's wit, intelligence, and underlying vulnerability. Although Will is drawn to her, he is also terrified of involvement. At the start of the story, the only long-term relationship he has ever been able to sustain is with his drinking buddies, led by Chuckie (Ben Affleck). Chuckie has stood by him all his life and fully accepts both Will's complexity and his genius. The film explores Will's first real attempts to connect with people outside his circle of childhood friends.

His sessions with Sean are key to these attempts. In a remarkable monologue early in their sessions, Sean explains that he cannot force Will to talk to him and that he cannot help him if he remains silent. When Will then discovers one of the sources of Sean's withdrawal from the world, he begins to draw the doctor out of his shell and, in the process, starts on his own road to recovery. Will confesses that he is growing fond of Skylar and is therefore afraid to continue the relationship for fear of being hurt; his confession allows both men to recognize the cowardice of running away from involvement.

Sean has his own demons to deal with. He is in perpetual mourning for his late wife; his own life has nearly ended along with hers. To his friends, especially Lambeau, he is a failure. He has been reduced to teaching introductory psychology classes to bored students at Bunker Hill Community College. At the start of the story, he is as uninterested as Will is in achieving anything that might be described as success.

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