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The War On Drugs in America

Yet, once the rhetoric and perspective in the war on drugs shifted to minorities, the presentation by the media of minority drug users and sellers was quite different than the ones formerly used to present white users “As the cocaine crisis became defined as an urban, black problem the cocaine/crack narrative shifted from the therapeutic to the pathologic…from treatment stories about middle and upper class users to gangster and race narratives. When the drug narrative turned to pathology, abusers became sinister ‘Others’ with virtually no prospects for becoming ‘one of us.’ These rituals of exclusion have criminalized black drug users and, indeed, remain the dominant media interpretation” (Anderson 193).

The author is also critical of the way the media presentation of drug use has fragmented the whole narrative of the problem of drug use among minorities. Anderson (184) argues that drugs, criminality, and young black men have become a media mantra, one that focuses on the barbarism and violence of young black males at the same time it excludes mention of the “economic and social dynamics that explain” the situation. The reality-based TV programs that follow law enforcement officials into these dens of barbarism do not provide any kind of information on the individuals living there, the social or economic conditions which motivate many of them to sell and/or use drugs, and the hopelessness that drives many minorities to become involved with drugs. Education and prevention are approaches seldom taken, instead, these reality based police shows glorify law enforcement and demonize young blacks “Public approval for the policies that exacerbate the problem of drug abuse and crime continues to be secured by the reality crime programs that champion law enforcement to the exclusion of any discussion of education and prevention” (Anderson 198).

In a sense, the reduction of drug use among suburban whites is directl...

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