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Crime and punishment: Questions

As such, policies that are aimed at reducing supply to reduce demand do not work on anything but a limited basis. As McCoy writes, “The underlying logic of these suppression strategies, bilateral and multilateral, remains supply reduction. Significant increases in the world’s opium supply will, quite clearly, subvert these attempts at a supply-side solution to the global drug problem” (194).

Thus, we can see that the state is most often involved in state organized crime because of contradictory goals, contradictory policies, or polices that actually produce the opposite effect of what they are intended to achieve. Chambliss makes an excellent case for drug decriminalization in his article, Another Lost War. Chambliss argues that decriminalize would have a much better impact on lowering drug consumption that policies aimed at incarcerating drug users, “These data from experiments with the decriminalization of drugs suggest that at the very least, drug consumption would not increase in the U.S. were the government to decriminalize the possession and sale of small amounts of drugs” (104). Often such ineffective policies stem from state involvement in drug trafficking due to illegal activity or conflicting goals.

The movie based on Sally Denton’s and Richard Morris’ The Money and the Power details the often difficult challenge of discovering corruption and cover-ups among the most wealthy and powerful individuals in U.S. society and government. In their book the author details how the unprecedented political and economic power had by Las Vegas titans is based on corruption and the worship of profits that has been a part of American history connected to illicit activities since Prohibition. The authors demonstrate in the film and book how gambling profits and illicit skimmed monies from Las Vegas entitled a handful of ethnic criminals in organized crime to control American politics and society-at-large. Such a “...

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