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The Origins of Israel

The Conquest Model was formulated by W.E. Albright in the 1930s on the basis of excavations being done at that time, and his ideas were modified only slightly in subsequent years, He found evidence of the aforementioned destruction first at Tell Beit Mirsim and later at other sites. Some excavation does during those years, however, did not support Albright's theory. Jericho itself was the most stunning example, for it was concluded by some that the city had been destroyed much earlier in history, and later evidence has supported this idea. Other ruins as well showed differing time frames for their destruction. Various sites have been considered for the cities described in Joshua, and some excavations have offered support for the Conquest Model, such as that at Tell el-Qedah in upper Galilee (Dever 45-48).

It is demonstrable that a culturally distinct network of settlements appeared over mountainous Cisjordan from the late thirteenth century onward, and it was probably Israelite. However, it is pointed out that there are difficulties in making a connection between "Israelite" as understood from the material cultural evidence and "Israelite" as exhibited in th


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